The Aleva Naturals Story

The arrival of a new baby brings great joy to new moms and dads. From the first ultrasound to the moment of birth, parents dream, plan, and await the new member of their family. While excitement is in the air, raising and caring for your precious one, can also be filled with doubts and concerns, especially when it comes to the well-being and health of your child.

In 2008, Aleva Naturals was founded by a pharmacist and most importantly, a father, who experienced these worries and doubts firsthand. Dissatisfied with the natural alternatives available in the market to help his newborn's nasal congestion, he decided to put his training in pharmacy and knowledge of Ayurveda into practice. By creating an effective aroma infused with eucalyptus oil and mint leaves, the baby was able to breathe better and recover fully. This idea transitioned into the Company’s first product launch - The Sleep Easy Chest Rub.

Our commitment to providing safe and natural products has earned us several awards and certifications, and our products are now part of everyday life for families across 17 countries worldwide. We are proud to be a company that cares about reducing our carbon footprint while providing solutions that leave babies and parents happy!