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Stuffy Nose Kit: Get a Nose'n'Blows FREE when buying a Chest Rub

Stuffy Nose Kit: Get a Nose'n'Blows FREE when buying a Chest Rub

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Our Stuffy Nose Kit is the best pair to have on hand when your baby has a stuffy nose or congestion. These two products work together to soothe your baby. Both items included are hypoallergenic, free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and dyes. Like all Aleva Naturals products, they are made with premium quality ingredients, so you can enjoy a safe product without harsh chemicals or additives. Formulated for babies 3 months & up!

Sleep Easy Chest Rub (50 ml)- A soothing and luxurious moisturizing chest rub enriched with relaxing scents of Eucalyptus and Lavender Oils that release soothing vapours to ease stuffy noses & congestion. Made with a unique blend of Organic Shea Butter & Olive Oil to help soften and moisturize baby’s skin. 

Bamboo Baby Nose 'n' Blows Wipes (30ct)- A soothing and luxuriously moisturizing formula made with relaxing scents of eucalyptus and lavender oils that release soothing vapours. Plus, these wipes are enriched with natural saline solution, that helps to gently clean little noses. These bamboo wipes are feathery soft, durable, unbleached and biodegradable in 28 days.

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