There are hundreds of benefits from breastfeeding. Breast milk contains the right balance of nutrients for babies, easier to digest, boost baby’s immune system, and so much more.

But still, despite all these benefits, many mums face the hard truth: Breastfeeding may be natural, but also very challenging.

Below are 10 Breastfeeding tips and tricks for the expectant mums, as well as mums who are still battling to breastfeed their babies.

1. Try to nurse within the first hour after delivery

This is the time to bond with your baby faster.

2. Watch for those little feet

Babies seems to nurse better when their feet are touching something. Making baby’s feet touch mom’s tummy will help baby to relax feeling secure.

3. Position your baby belly to belly, and nose to nipple

When you position your body in such way, baby won’t need to turn her head to latch.

4. Don’t push the back of baby’s head

It will make baby uncomfortable. Try wrapping hands around baby’s neck and bring her slowly to you.

5. Give the first bottle at 4~6 weeks

It will be challenging for baby to accept bottles after 8 weeks. 4 to 6 weeks is a recommended time.

6. Snoozing baby

If baby is falling asleep while breastfeeding, try to wake her up by tickling her feet and chin.

7. No need to buy a whole nursing wardrobe

Normal daily outfits can also turn into nursing outfits. Loose blouse or shirts will be enough to cover.

8. Make DIY nursing bra

Don’t spend tons of money to afford nursing bra. It can be easily made with sports bra with a small cut.

9. Damaged nipple care

Cracked and sore nipples can be healed by using shea butter nursing balm. Check out Aleva Naturals Nursing Balm!

10. Find your own tracking system

Either download an app that tracks the nursing time for you, or you can manually keep on track by taking notes.

Good luck to all the mums who are trying their best to breastfeed! We are in this together!